The Community – A Brighter Future

We are an international community that has come together during the last few months, connected by our desire to make change.

We are all here because we aren’t happy with many of the things currently happening within society and we want to do something about it.

We believe in supporting positive change and on the ground action of which we have already established massively within the United Kingdom.

We are not here to moan and complain about the state of the world or try and fight it. We are here to build something new, something sustainable and something completely separate.

Our Mission is to build a network of free thinkers around the country. This network will act as a support system and build independent communities that don’t rely on the wider systems and current infrastructure.

We are currently building a new society in the following fields; education, healing, healthcare, farming, energy & power, law, construction and a whole host of other areas of expertise.

We already have food cooperatives running, Healing centres, Community allotments, Schools teaching practical skills, and are on the verge of setting up Forest Schools across the length and bredth of the Country.

We believe that by coming together and creating our own resources in all these core areas, we can inspire each other, leading us to become totally free and independent of the society in which we reside.

ARE YOU READY? When you join The Community you become part of a national network of free thinkers who are all fighting for our freedom and autonomy. Discover events happening in your local area and support the cause using your current skills or by learning new ones.


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