Freedom of choice and liberty is your birth right

Our legal system did not bring freedom of choice and liberty into being by decree, it has always been the law of nature. It started out life as free thought.

Freedom of choice is far more expansive than you could ever image; without it we look to lose everything we are. Everything we hold dear.

It was born into existence with your first breath. It is individual, exclusive to all to explore their freedoms. It is fundamental to your being and sits alongside your observational five senses.

This integral part of your body is your intuition or 6th sense.

Our conscience that helps us determine right, wrong, fair and just. (Written into the common law precedence of the Bill of Rights 1688 and termed equity law).

Equity law rides supreme over common law. If common law needs clarification on human rights, equity law takes precedence.

One of many organisations being set up to help people navigate law at this crucial time in history is Peacekeepers.

They offer a free course to help us understand basic fundamental rights.

The organisation draws attention to this powerful equity law.

Equity law dictates:
• We were gifted minds to explore reality

• Gifted with observational tools; ears to hear skin to feel, noses to smell, mouth to taste and eyes to see which aids us to gather evidence of this reality

• Gifted with the power of logic and reason to make sense of that which entitles humans to freedom of speech to allow our thoughts to be explored and articulated and all knowledge from past generations.

A founding Peacekeepers member, Marc, said if more people understood the law they would have more control in our increasingly disturbing and changing world.

To put this into perspective, freedom of speech is part of equity law. Equity law overrides common law; legislations are created out of common law. Legislation is only binding when a contract is agreed.

“No one has the right to exert their will over anyone so if a person doesn’t agree with the contract, then they do not comply,” he said.

There are many areas of our lives that are unjust and unfair and people have the right not to agree to a contract they do not believe to be fair and just. They have a right to voice their opinion, This is not unlawful.

“Duties, rights and obligations can only be created by consent,” he said.

Equity law can also never be challenged because only the creator of a law, whether it is manmade or natural has the right to uncreate it.

“Until someone can bring the creator into a court to provide first hand witness testimony then everything else is merely hearsay (inadmissible) and logic and reason dictate the conclusion that all are equal under the law and no one is above the law,” he said.

Standing up for your freedom rights

A fundamental and crucial point made by Peacekeepers is a protest must be peaceful. If protesters use violent, they immediately become unlawful and therefore immediately lose any rights to be heard.

“Only unlawful violence makes it possible – everyone has the right of self-defence, but no one has the lawful right to start violence,”

Peaceful protests around the world cannot be challenged if unnecessary violence is avoided.

“The UK Government had to pull back [on recent protests] because they had no choice.

“They failed to instigate violence and never expected such intelligent reactions from the people choosing to educate themselves [about law],” said Marc.

Peaceful but not complacent

We live in a complacent world, allowing so-called ‘experts’ and ‘authorities’ to do our thinking, make our decisions.

We have reached a point in history where many people throughout the world think these decisions are their own to make and must be reclaimed.

In order to do this, we must know and work within the lawful system.

Using our creator given common sense dictated to us by equity law, we can create change.

For years now established Governments have systematically, piece by piece, taken away our freedom of speech and liberty.

This gives them control, not only of our life and how we live it, but our very thinking. It is our thinking process they want to control.

If the thought-mind process is a connection to unique free-thinking conscience. To control thought is to control identity. To control our power of reason is to take away any ability of conscious decision.

As like-minded people we know the Governments of the world have colluded together for a great change. We know, also, what they plan is not for the greater good.

We have discerned the knowledge and our intuition tells many of us, this is not and could never be beneficial to mankind.

Our free thought knows right from wrong.

If we feel this is so wrong, then we know it’s wrong.

Out of adversity comes freedom

We freely thought and freely challenged the opinions we were being asked to accept.

Abruptly we were told we had no right to question, no right to challenge, no right to free thought.

This realisation has affected so many of us on many levels.

We are mostly devastated by the effects of the vaccines. We can see with our own eyes, hear with our own ears the effects on those people who did not use freedom of thought to make their own decisions but were guided by authority.

With so much adversity raining down on us we could cave in if we didn’t have the inherent indomitable spirit we were born with as human beings. The fight in us that shows up when we know we are right.

It is our freedom of choice, freedom of right and liberty. It is possibly the most important fight of our lives.

We can reset ourselves

We have the ability to reset our lives with our powerful and natural given abilities.

We have the greatest gift of all, conscience.

Our free-thinking minds are one. Collectively, together we have the power to change the world.

That power is the same ‘inherent indomitable spirit’ we were born with because it is the same frequency that created the perfect universe, world and everything that came into being.

The world lives and breathes on this frequency.
This is unbreakable, it has a greater power than fear
We have the consciousness to change our reality because we have the biggest army in the universe on our side. Collective consciousness of all good souls whether on earth or from the great beyond.


Author: Anne Main
For more information about Peace Keepers, please visit their website here.

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