33 Quantum Truths to wake up to in this Great Awakening

1. Loving yourself is more important than you realise – Anita Moorjani was right – your life depends on it

2. Your level of consciousness is your salvation……………and your new currency

3. Needing nothing, attracts everything

4. You are creating your reality through the vibrational frequency of your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and actions

5. Your “reality” is actually a holographic projection of your energy and never has the frequency of your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and actions been more important to your future

6. Keeping them all positive is a priority

7. Understanding energy and raising your vibration is going to become your main focus

8. You are the whole Universe in one human being

9. There is no one else

10. Others in your life are a reflection of a part of you. Sometimes a part of you that you like and sometimes a part of you that you don’t

11. Due to #10 Forgiveness is always ultimately about forgiving yourself

12. Others cannot trigger you. They are merely reflecting back to you an emotion that already exists within you

13. The above emotion is asking to be acknowledged so it can transmute into love

14. Your animals really are your best friends

15. Random acts of kindness are the quickest and easiest way to shift your energy when you feel low

16. Being in nature is more important to your health than you realise

17. Faith carries you

18. Willingness to change is a pivotal point in your evolution

19. Television programs do just that – and it’s not a good thing

20. If you’re not excited, you are not on the right path

21. Your heart expands when something is right for you. It contracts when it isn’t. Learn to tell the difference

22. Laughter is a necessity not just a pleasure

23. People can only process information at the consciousness level that they are at

24. Although everyone can process the energy of Love on some level

25. Your children are more conscious than you realise

26. Heaven on Earth is not a place – it is a level of consciousness

27. Love is not an emotion – it is a state of Being

28. Dancing to your favourite music is better for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health than you realise

29. Doing what you love is a necessity not a luxury

30. You cannot solve a problem while still in the energy of it. Taking a few deep breaths will help you respond from a higher perspective

31. You are never alone

32. Your relationship with yourself is quite literally everything

33. When in an expanded state of consciousness, miracles occur

Please remember #17

Faith is like an Inner Knowing – it carries you to miracles

With Love and Blessings

Deborah Jane Sutton

2 thoughts on “33 Quantum Truths to wake up to in this Great Awakening”

  1. Loved this. Love your values and that yore looking for the best in mankind. It’s all in a nutshell. Wouldn’t mind taking the points and turning it into a feature for you, if you’d like.
    I’ve been writing about the way forward and it would be so great to get back to what I do best. Interview people.
    I’ve just put something together for this site as I know there’s a plan for a newsletter. Anne

  2. Hello Anne,
    Thank you for your comment. Interviewing people sounds a great idea! I am always happy to chat about the content of my Blogs and Vlogs. You can get in touch via my website above and perhaps we can arrange something.
    Love and Blessings

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